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Pick Up Your Skirts And Go!

I haven’t been able to read as many of everyone’s blog posts as I would’ve liked but I did the best I could.  Moose wouldn’t eat this morning and then when I did get him to eat something he threw it up and then some.  So I need to leave a note for Chris to keep an eye on him.  I will try to call the vet when I get home from work.

I still have no new phone.  It has been delayed yet again.  If they put it off again I am going to call the facility to see what is going on.  The past two days they have bumped delivery to the next day at the last minute.  It makes me very angry because my screen is broken badly enough that I am worried about pieces coming off and out.  I work until 2pm today so I don’t know if I get a break or lunch with such a short shift.  If I do I may make some phone calls then.

I feel rushed even though I’m not so I am trying to slow things down mentally.  I set clothes and that out last night so I should be fine.  I also pulled together a …. I just got an email saying that my things had arrived.  Hang on while I check the porches.  Sneaky devils!  They must’ve dropped it off while I was doing this.  Kudos to them for not getting the dogs going!  Well I need to get off of her and atleast get the new phone on the charger so I can get everything transferred when I get home.  As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

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