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Opening Up to New Things

Another cool dawn.  It feels very much like Fall.  Part of me is excited for it and the rest of me not so much.  I think the big excitement is a bit of a change up.  The sky is full of greyish flat clouds.  The air is crisp yet everything is still that lush green with splashes of color from various plants and flowers.  But I don’t like being cold for very long.  A few days of this and I will be ready for my Summer heat.

I am making a few changes myself.  I am going to try to be more active.  I have a hula hoop that I have been using.  I am also getting a jump rope.  I can do both of these in the house during the cold winter months so I can keep it up.  I still haven’t gotten a steady routine for my yoga.  But that will be remedied soon.  I am going to put in a job application today.  It will be at the local grocery store.  I am hoping that it will be flexible enough that I can still keep my job at the paper.  I need something to help pay for the Jeep getting fixed.

The moon was beautiful last night!  I am so happy I was able to actually get so really good photos!  I was actually supposed to be turning on the lights outside so we could go to bed but the way the moonlight was reflecting off of the rippling clouds was too much.  I had to go get my camera.

I got everything done but the writing for this week’s classwork.  I have 1,000 words or less to write a short story that encompasses everything we have learned.  Next week starts the next series of classes.  This I believe will deal with character.  I really like the instructors.  It would be nice tot be able to talk to them and discuss things but there it is.

I need to get the rest of my day started so I will end here.  Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!  As always stay safe!

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