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Positive Head Examination

Today is overcast but that is a good thing as I need to stay inside and work on my writing.  I have a 500 word piece due for my class and since I use my laptop it will be easier to say no to going out right away.  With my works in progress I write in a notebook so I can take those outside.  Essie wants me outside (to find her missing frisbee is my guess) as she has come into my office multiple times since I’ve started.  And here she is again.  If she thinks she hears me wrapping things up she will come buzzing in here wagging her tail.

I didn’t get anything done in the writing side of things yesterday so today will have to be dedicated to that.  Atleast for a few hours.  I know there are things around the house that need to get done.  Some of them I can do and write in between if you will (like laundry).  Other things I need to be present the whole time (like making puppy treats).  For once I feel like I got it together for the day so I will keep pushing forward.  I also need to make sure that the kids get the attention that they need.  And I need to send my word count into the paper.

It is hard to keep my head on sometimes as there is so much going on.  And truthfully it’s not that so much is going on but that there is so much going on that I have no control over.  So many what-ifs that are out of my hands.  I am very bad about trying to plan for every contingency.  I even did it as a kid (my imaginary archaeology digs and adventure trips always had everything they could possibly need).  But now I have to depend on what others do so I can plan what I can do.  I have a hard time with that.  If I can’t control it it’s not going to work the way I want it (or so I think).  SO I need to get out of my own head and focus on what I do have control over and work with that.

That being said I need to get going on my classwork so I can work on other writing projects as well as stuff around the house.  Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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