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Figuring Out Where I Am

Anxiety has been with me all night.  I am hoping to get word on Essie’s biopsy today.  Last night I saw that the paw she got the splinter again was infected.  I got all the puss and possibly the splinter out.  Poor little thing!  I have been so worried about the cancer that I never checked her paw.

I wrote a few pages yesterday on one of the novellas.  I don’t know if more will get done today or not.  I have more running to do (going out to get the groceries they were out of when I went the other day).  I also need to order canned dog food for Moose as he is on his last three.  I am glad it is only one of them on a special diet.

I can’t believe that July is pretty much over.  That means summer is on the wind down.  That makes me sad.  I love this time of year, even this year with all it’s funkiness.  I love keeping the house opened up (although another hummingbird came in the other night).  I love being able to keep all the plants outside and watering them all with the hose.  I love being able to spend countless hours outside playing with the dogs or doing whatever.

It’s after 9am now.  The vet’s office opens at 9am.  I find myself watching my phone out of the corner of my eye.  Will the results be in today?  If I don’t hear anything by 3pm I will call and find out.  I have to set up a date for Essie’s staples to come out as well.  This feels like it is never ending for that poor girl.  She is wandering in the gardens just outside the window.  I can hear the rustle of grass as she walks.

I suppose I should get myself together and either go get my running done or try to watch my videos for class.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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