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Looking to the Storms

The storms from yesterday have lightened the air and cooled things off tremendously.  The wind has been steady since we got up.  Which is nice because I can open the windows and cool down the house.  I don’t know what I have planned for the day.  I do know that I am keeping one eye on the phone because I should get a call about Essie’s biopsy results.  I am anxious about it because I think I already know the answer.

With the weather as it is I feel creative.  I have been reading that is pretty much it lately.  It is so hot if you move from one spot the sweating starts.  The kids have been getting way too hot despite my best efforts.  Since we are down to only one AC unit it’s hard.  The only way they would go in would be if I did and I didn’t want to spend the whole day in the bedroom.  But I took my time putting laundry away so they would all spread out on the bed for a bit.  For some reason Moose has to be touching me as I write this.  I think once I finish this I will open more windows and stay outside for a bit.

Well I am pleased to say that Valentino Rossi finally got a podium!  Yesterday’s MotoGP in Jerez, Spain saw three racers unable to compete due to injuries which shook things up a bit.  It is so good to have Rossi back on the podium!  He’s been complaining about issues with his bike and Yamaha finally addressed them.  After all these years they should know that listening to him about the set up on the bike is what is going to win them races.  I was unable to watch the race so I can only share what I gleaned from online.

I will add some photos from the gardens here.  They are growing like weeds!  lol  The food gardens, though small should get us some sustenance.  We now have four different day lilies in the yard.  The tiger lilies have finally bloomed in the front yard.  I have no idea where all the other ones came from.  When we moved in it was all tiger lilies.

I know this is rather a hodge podge of events.  Sorry about that.  I’m a bit scattered this morning.  My brain seems to already be working on the story.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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