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A Quick Update

Mentally I feel better but physically I am exhausted.  Essie is home and happy.  I have to check her gums every hour to two hours (yes I set an alarm for this all through the night last night) and she has three more meds to take.  I have to also check her incision to make sure that all is healing and not bleeding.  She is also to be kept quiet.  Ha ha ha.  At night I take her out to go potty on a leash but she is pretty quiet during the day.

What they removed was about .5lbs and she looks like she should with all the frisbee she catches.  She is slimmer and looks good.  She ate and went potty and drank water when we got home.  She isn’t mad at me because she wants to snuggle all the time and I keep getting lots of kisses.  The only issue is that the other two are jealous.  Moose especially with me and Stella is getting all up in Chris’s business (she is pretty good with me but both her and Moose have gotten yelled at for being too rough with Essie).

I have the vet’s personal phone number for any questions or concerns.  We finally met yesterday.  She wanted to know who I was since she’s treated all the dogs now, two of them more than once.  Very nice gal and very pregnant.  She is due the day before my birthday.  We had a good chat.

I hate to cut this short but the kids are restless so I need to be out in the living room paying attention.  Thanks for reading and thank you so much for all your kind words!  Stay safe! ❤



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