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More Stumbles

I’m not sure how long this will be.  We got little sleep last night because we got hit really hard with some more storms.  I was the doggie comfort blanket for most of it.  We did sleep a little later than normal because we were all still really sleepy.  As I write this I have two of the three dogs in here with me.  Essie is in and out.

My anxiety is up because tomorrow is Essie’s surgery.  It is a major surgery and they recommended me taking her to the ER vet to stay over night so they could monitor her.  I said no because I barely have the money to cover the surgery and more importantly Essie would be miserable.  When she is hurt she wants to curl up with me and sleep.  And I need to know that she is ok.  So she is coming home after the surgery and our vet is giving me written instructions and her personal phone number incase of questions or an emergency.

I am also anxious because I now need to try to find a decently paying job locally.  And they also have to be flexible about my schedule due to the meetings I cover for the paper.  And will the car be ok while I drive around and put in these applications?  I don’t know.  That is the reason it has to be local.  And Essie has to be kept quiet while she heals for two weeks.  Bills are caught up for the month but next month is almost here.  I am just too overwhelmed.

I will share some photos from yesterday.  Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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