Today…. today I just don’t know.  Last night it felt like it was all tumbling down.  This morning isn’t much better.  Essie has a vet appointment at 2pm.  Something is wrong with her but I am not sure what.  I only hope it’s not the cancer coming back.  I talked with both my parents last night which was a mistake.  Mom and I ended up in a fight (but we hung up on good terms).  Things just feel like they are circling around the toilet bowl right now.

Moose and Stella are in the office with me sleeping.  I can hear Essie snoring in the living room.  The meeting last night got cancelled until next Thursday.  Friday is Margie’s funeral.  I think that is another thing effecting me.  Or should that be affecting?  I think affecting.  Anyway… I feel like crap mentally.  I didn’t want to get up.  Moose was all for staying in bed as well.  If I tried to get up he’d rest his head on me.

I did get my course work completed yesterday so I can move on to the next lesson.  Hopefully I can continue that.  Sorry.  I just have nothing to really say thing morning.  I can’t get out of my own head.  Atleast it is a short read.  Thanks for reading.  Stay safe.

16 thoughts on “Lost”

    1. It’s gonna be hard today. I am dreading the vet visit. I think her cancer might be back. Things just seem to have picked today to unload on me. Thank you for your advice.❤️🥰


      1. Very true. Humans can at least indicate what hurts etc. Moose and Essie both don’t let on that they even hurt when we play sometimes. They just sleep a lot when we are done.


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