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I slept hard last night.  We got storms that came in during the early evening hours and last pretty much the whole night.  I managed to get both the front and back yards mowed as well as weed whacked before the rain started.  I like it when that happens because then the grass gets it’s much needed water right after.

Tonight I am covering a meeting.  It is a double surprise because not only is it here in Rapid City but it is also in person.  So I need to leave about quarter to seven tonight so I have enough time to find the building.  I’ve not ventured very far in our small community even though we have lived here for about 20 years.  Working at the lot opened my eyes to a lot of local stuff, people and places, and working at the paper is getting me even more exposure.

*Well this is about half an hour later.  The site went down followed by the internet.  I didn’t find this out until I tried to publish this blog post.  It hadn’t saved anything and it would not save anything.  So all I wrote is gone except for the first to paragraphs.  Soooo do I reconstruct what I had or find something new?

I got my piece written for class and submitted it yesterday.  Today the plan is to go and read my classmates pieces.  I have to read atleast four and grade them.  We’ll see how mine did.  I’m anxious to read what others say.  I don’t really get any feed back for my writing so this will be a nice change.  That being said since I’ve been on here for over an hour between writing and the crash I should get to it.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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