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Cleaning Up

Stuff has been steady here.  I have slowly been chipping away at major cleaning projects.  The other day I managed to get the disaster of a stove top cleaned.  Today will be vacuuming, cleaning the mouse cage and snake cage.  I may take a stab at the windows too.  They are pretty easy with hot water and soap.  Since I have dog faces pressed against them a lot of the time I don’t use stuff like Windex.  I found that plain hot water and soap actually cleaned my windows better and no streaks.  And no sick dogs from chemicals.

I am proud of myself for making a consistent effort at this.  I have never been very good at keeping house.  A lot of it is because I am not good with having to clean up everyone’s mess all the time.  My own sure.  Other people’s I don’t mind once in a while but when messes are made and left and I am expected to clean up not so much.  A lot of that comes from working retail.  People are pigs in the dressing rooms (I remember cleaning up piles of clothes off the floor and chairs as well as people using fitting rooms as bathrooms and piling clothes on top to hide it or just smearing things on the walls).  I honestly will not miss that.  However that has created a certain bias in me that makes me not do housework if I am the only one doing anything.  That has changed since I am not working mind you.  It doesn’t irritate me as much.  Only if I bust tail to get things clean and within minutes of finishing it is dirty again.

This is the first year the dogs have been really good about bringing toys back inside if they take them out.  When I mow I don’t have to go out the day before to pick up toys.  I am very grateful for that.  I’m not sure why this is the way it is.  I’m just glad that it is that way.

I do need to clean up the coffee table that I use every morning to write this.  It has been a while and things have gotten dusty and piled up with things I am not using to write.  As I look around the room I see stuff I am saving for no real reason that can be tossed.  Like the bag that Dante’s ashes came in.  It’s been sitting on a pile of blankets and pillows for over a year now.  I need to get rid of it.  His ashes are on the fish tank.  I still feel guilty about his death.  I need to get rid of things that are just here and not doing anything (nor will they be used for anything).  Goals!

I see that I have blathered on for a bit longer than usual.  Feel free to sent any cleaning tips or rants my way.  Thanks for reading!  Stay safe!

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