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Rainy Day Activities

Yesterday turned to rain by the time afternoon arrived.  It’s been raining ever since.  I am glad because we need the rain.  Not necessarily this much but…  Today we will probably end up inside again.  I did get out to take some photos and I threw many toys over the course of the day but it’s not really the same as hanging out.  I do need to empty the excess water from my many jars out there.  The rain is slowly drowning the plants growing in them.

I’m not sure what I will do with myself.  I want to get some more writing done but I got up later enough that I may not have enough quiet time to do so.  And I think I may have stalled myself out again.  If I talk about my writing too much it takes away from the process.  It’s like using a pressure cooker to write.  When you keep lifting the lid to peek in to see how things are cooking you lose pressure and it won’t cook right.  Every time I talk about it I am lifting the lid.  The flip side of that is I can be held accountable because others know that I am writing and will ask about it.  It is very much a catch 22.

I finally got my current issue of Poets and Writers yesterday.  I read that until I fell asleep last night in bed.  The rain is stop and start.  I can’t seem to stop yawning.  It is such a lazy day that when I pause in my typing Moose is still asleep.  Normally he will hear the pause and look to see if that means I am finished.

Tonight I have a long meeting to cover.  So I will have to set an alarm to get up to make sure it gets finished in time.  I try to have the article written so that it is ready when they arrive at 9am.  Wednesday is when they pull the paper together to be sent out to the printers.

I will add some photos from yesterday and put the post live.  Our milkweed is growing soooo well this year!  And we have our first monarch caterpillar.  The milkweed is beginning to open so I am on the look out for the caterpillars.  They are the only ones that eat the milkweed.  It makes them taste bad to that the birds don’t eat them.  Well thanks for reading and stay safe!

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