The First Day of Summer

I feel stupid.  I spent all day yesterday thinking (and saying on here) that it was Father’s Day and I was a day ahead.  Sigh.  Regardless Chris got and early Father’s Day gift from work.  He was given the day off!  So we will have an actual weekend together!  He was able to put in a few hours working on getting the project bike down to the frame.  He has tried to get a little done each day before work.  Parts have been trickling in as well.  I have volunteered to take photos after each day’s work to document the process.  I am excited to put them all together for him.  If he lets me I will share them on here as well.

The day has dawned wet, dark and warm.  It seems to be trying to start lightening up out there.  At one point it was dark enough that I needed the lamp to see the keyboard to type.  It is supposed to be wet all day but I am grateful because the yard and plants could use a drink.  Everything always looks so much greener after a good rain. ❀

I dug out my Minion stickers (they are really nice ones that I have been hoarding til I found something cool to do with them… they are 3D) and used them to decorate the cover of my new yellow journal.  I will probably put more on but I need to be careful as the 3D ones can be delicate (like the goggles the Minions wear stick out far enough that if I’m not paying attention they could rip off).  I have been enjoying using my Minion mug for coffee in the mornings.  It always brings a smile to my face (and Chris’s when he sees me drinking from it).

I did get a few more photos yesterday with the camera.  I can happily say that Essie will let me take her picture with the camera.  She doesn’t turn away when she sees me point the camera at her.  She does with the camera on my phone though.  I have been able to get some cute pictures of her.  Well more cute pictures of her.

It looks like the sun is making a strong effort to come out from behind the clouds and stay there.  I think I will wander outside and see how things look.  I am very excited about the faery rose bush.  I was so worried that the guys had killed it when they were putting up the fence but I trimmed all the dead stuff away this Spring and she has flourished!  I have a TON of buds ready to open!  I will take a lot of photos of that!  But the yard calls… Thanks for reading!  Stay safe and have a great day!  Ooooo!  And Blessed Solstice!  Welcome to the first day of Summer! ❀


9 thoughts on “The First Day of Summer”

      1. Thank you so much! I am proud of some of the photos I take as it turns out the way I pull it together in my head. But I am biased so having others enjoy what I do (both in photography and writing) makes me feel good. ❀️


      2. I won’t mind even if you don’t read.
        Some of my blogger friends have 1500+ followers though yet they comment on my blog regularly, and they don’t know me in real life.
        No hard feeling

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