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Photos Versus Words

Another busy day yesterday.  Atleast it felt like it.  Dinner turned out very well.  My eyes are so tired right now.  So is the rest of me truth be told.  I spent quality time with Chris yesterday and played with the kids enough that they were more than ready to go to bed last night.  I am trying to figure out what to do with myself today.  I could curl back up and go to sleep…  I’ve got a meeting tonight at 7pm.  So I do need to set an alarm to make sure I don’t forget to do that.

I still haven’t downloaded and photos to the laptop.  Just the phone.  I took a lot more yesterday going back and forth between the two lenses I have.  I got a really nice bunch of pictures of a dragonfly as well as two birds that were hanging out in a tree in the backyard.  I got some of one of the resident chipmunks as well.

I didn’t download any of the chipmunk photos though. Maybe tomorrow. I just feel so tired right now. I also found a free program to do some writing with. I may try that out tonight. Just not right now.

I’m gonna call it for today. Sorry there is not much written. I can barely keep my eyes open and not very good with the focusing either. Thank you so very much for reading and stay safe!

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