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Exploring New Things

Last night I was up til past 1am dinking around with the camera.  In and out I went trying this angle and this exposer time etc. trying to get the “perfect” shot.  I got some nice shots over the course of the day as well that I will share.  I found out that I can connect my Nikon camera and my i-Phone and get into all kinds of trouble.  It makes it easier to share on my social media platforms (I don’t have any of that on my laptop except for this because the phone has better protection against viruses and hackers (knock on wood)).  I haven’t really messed around with the camera and laptop beyond installing the apps.  When I found I could pair it with my phone I messed around a bit (I can even take a remote photo from my camera with my phone).

My running yesterday was a bit of a mess.  Since it was chilly and overcast I decided to take Moose and Stella when I did my running.  It all went well until I got to the grocery store and found that with everything going on I had forgotten to bring the recipe so I had no idea what to get to make dinner for today.  Grrrr!  So I got what I could from our regular grocery list and then took the kids and groceries home and unloaded them then headed back out the door to the local grocery hoping (and succeeding) in find the rest of the things on my list.  And a few bonuses.  I have two more plants to take care of (a grafted cactus and a Venus fly trap) and two more Minions to join my…. I hate to say collection…. my Minion family.  They are Carl and Dave.  (Incase you were wondering they came prenamed as all Minions are.)

All three dogs are outside today.  Once breakfast was done out they went and have pretty much stayed out.  The sun isn’t sure if it is going to stay out or behind clouds today.  It’s supposed to be in the 70s (around 21C) today.  I plan to spend as much time as I can outside.   To read, to write, to take an embarrassing amount of photos.  But right now I need to get dinner started.  I have to cook things then put them in a crockpot.  I may be adapting the recipe a bit but that is nothing new when I cook.  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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