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A New Way to Capture Life

Critters seem to like out house.  The past few days is was a bee that kept making it’s way into the house.  It didn’t matter where I put it back outside it always found it’s way back in.  Yesterday a chipmunk wandered in through the sliding glass door and was checking things out until I asked it what it was doing inside.  Then it shot back out the door.  I remember a hummingbird coming in he house last year.  I had to use one of my Minion backpacks to catch it and get it safely back outside.  Dragonflies seem to come in a lot too.

I should be more excited right now but I think I spent all that energy yesterday.   Yesterday was the big day!  I got my camera!  I plugged the battery in to charge as soon as I found it.  I have an AMAZING bunch of stuff in my kit!  I will add a photo of everything at the end.  I am so happy with my purchase that I ordered Nikon D3500 For Dummies away.  That should be here Monday.  I play with my two lens as best I could.  I’m not as familiar as I would like with everything.  I have a wonderful selection of tools to use even if I’ve not used them all yet.

I have registered the kit and I have downloaded both manuals and the apps for the photos (there are two).  There is a LOT of stuff to learn!  There is so much I can do with my pictures now!  I have to admit I got frustrated last night with the full moon.  When I looked at it through the view finder I such awesome detail but when I looked at the photo it took the moon looked like a white circle.  Where did my detail go?!  I worked at it for about an hour trying different settings on the camera but no joy.  I’m hoping that once I upload them to the laptop I can do something to bright the details out.  It’s very disappointing after all the great detail I got on the flowers and such when I was playing earlier.  I was going to print the manuals ( I am better with the printed page for reference) but the one is almost 400 pages.  Sooooo that one will have to stay virtual.

I have not uploaded anything from the photo frenzy yesterday.  I think I will try to do that later today.  I saw a Bluetooth symbol on the side and I am curious as to what that will do.  Like I said, there is a lot to learn.

Well I need to get a grocery list together and get going.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!  Stay safe!


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