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Well That Wasn’t Expected

When I come up with the title for yesterday’s blog I did not realize it was going to be literal.  For those of you who are new readers a little less than a month ago I took my eldest Pitty to the vet to have a cancerous lump removed.  When I got a call from the vet yesterday about Moose it was revealed that he has kidney disease.  So for now he has to be on a special diet.  I say for now because he will be going back in a month to be retested to make sure.  Meantime the vet was awesome and gave us a 40lbs bag of the special kibble and five cans of the special wet food.  I did not realize this until we got home and I looked at the bill.

I got a call to come and get him much earlier than expected.  When I dropped him off I was told 3:45pm.  After the first phone call about the lab results it was changed to 3pm but I was asked if I could come sooner if he needed to leave sooner.  (Moose gets extremely stressed when going to the vet’s so I have anxiety medicine to give him before he goes but since he was going to be knocked out to have his teeth cleaned they were worried about his recovery time etc. so no medicine.  I brought him in later so he was the first one the doctor took care of.)  Not long after I hung up from the second call I received a third call asking if I could come and get him as he was becoming more stresses as he woke up.  I was putting my shoes on as I was hanging up the phone.

My poor boy was miserable.  He was still really wonky from the anesthetic but I could see that he was very happy to see me and go home.  Once I had him and his stuff loaded and paid for I tried to head to Kalkaska to pay my car payment.  Only everything was down to one lane from all directions (I suppose that is one way to cut down on the tourists).  I even tried taking back roads but traffic was backed up and Moose was crying in the back seat so I gave up and came home.  I will have to call the bank and suck up the $20 fee and do it over the phone.

I was scared because Moose did not seem to be getting better as the night wore on.  Part of it was that he was scared to sleep.  Every time he would start to fall asleep he would jerk himself awake and cry because he didn’t know what to do.  About 7pm the medicine seemed to be wearing off.  I did get him to eat (twice as a matter of fact) and he has been drinking a lot of water.  He has gone to the bathroom multiple times.  This morning he his still a bit wonky even after a long sleep (he did get up a few times).  And that bothers me.

So there we are.  Moose is sleeping now but I think we will go outside and putter in the gardens (I got a lot done in my anxiety waiting to hear from the vet yesterday).  I’m sure the vet will call to see how he is doing.  They always do. I will tell them about my concerns and see what they say.  I don’t want to have to take him back in so soon.  So I guess we will see.  Thanks for reading the extra long post.  Stay safe!

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