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Considering Options

I was proud to see my state mentioned under peaceful protests this morning.  The police in Flint, MI actually joined in the peaceful protest yesterday.  Hopefully something good will come of that.  The day has dawned with full sun and bird song.  Cliché but there it is.  The kids have been rotating in and out.  Right now Stella and Moose are in with Essie out.  Stella has been out pretty much since they finished breakfast.  Once I am finished with this I will be moving the plants out.  I think (with the exception of a few plants) I will be leaving them out for now 24/7.  The nights look to be warming enough that it should be comfortable for them.

Today is the first day of June.  That is also the first day of summer for most of us in our heads.  So much will be going on from here on out.  I find myself making daily lists to keep track of everything.  Meetings to cover, vet appointments (please let this be the last for a while!), things to do around the house, places I need to check in at.  With life seemingly coming to a standstill one day looks very much like the last.  I can understand why retirees have problems keeping track of appointments and such.  I set an alarm on my phone to remind me when I have a meeting to cover otherwise I would probably just roll on with my night and forget to attend the meeting on Zoom.  Truthfully if I did not have the time and date on my electronics I would be lost.  Even calendars don’t help when you don’t have a clue.  Speaking of which I need to switch all the calendars today.

I am contemplating on upgrading this site so that I can post more photos.  I really think some of them are good and would like your opinion but the free account won’t let me add any photos even if I deleted some of what I have.  The only way will be to pay for it.  I probably won’t use most of the other “upgrades” although I should probably look them over if I do this and learn to use them.

I am still torn on whether or not to get a camera.  I have Mom’s old Cannon but it is near impossible to find film and get it developed anymore.  Atleast it is here.  And I want to try to capture things as I see them.  Not as the i-phone sees them.  And if I practice I might even be able to get paid to take my photos.  Not to toot my own horn too loudly but some of the stuff I have managed to do with the phone camera is pretty damn good.  If I can get a real camera then I am excited to see what I could accomplish.  Then there is the laptop.  I want to replace it because it is old enough that I can’t get a useable current copy of WordPerfect.  I need a newer computer for that.  And I really do need to get a word processor on my laptop.  Simple things like word counts (I count my articles by hand still) and being able to send things to editors and keep track would be a godsend.  But I need to take care of Moose and the Jeep first.  I don’t know how much the Jeep is going to cost to fix.  Hell I don’t even know what is wrong yet.  I know the problems it is having but not the causes.  So I sit on my hands some more.

I need to get things going so I can get through my to do list.  I hope you have a great day!  Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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