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Rain Helps the Growth

My plans for cleaning up he front yard may have been put on hold.  I managed to get the backyard mowed and cleaned up with my weed whacker yesterday.  I had hoped to get the front done today.  The back is about an acre fenced in (we have five acres all together).  It rained a bit earlier this morning and right now it looks like the skies have opened up again.  I heard a bit of thunder as well.  The front yard won’t take as much time because a) it is mostly weeds and b) it have been severely dug up between everyone parking there during the building of the garage and getting plowed over the winter so we could park there.  So it will be a matter of maybe 15 minutes or so to mow.  Then I will trim around the trees and mailbox.  I am still tempted to put irises or daylilies around the mailbox post.  I have enough of them in the yard to spare.

I have to say the grass in the backyard has come back beautifully.  I’ve new seen it so green and lush.  Even that bare area has grown back with grass.  That was weeds and bare spots for literally years (maybe 10?).  It is nice to look out the sliding glass door and see all of Nature just going full force.  That is why being able to be outside is so important to me.  Being out here in the middle of nowhere lets me stay connected with Nature.  It is my happy place.  I am still surprised at the comfort of the wild animals around us.  The birds especially are willing to hang out even in the grass with the kids playing around them.  I feel very blessed.

I will need to check on my orange pip that is sprouting.  I want to make sure it doesn’t drown with all this rain.  The flip side is with all this rain the other pips should be more than read to start growing (I have a jar of lemon pips planted too).  It should help soften the hard shell of the pips.  I am so excited!  And I think we have an apple tree that survived.  It was full of blossoms so we may get apples this year!  Wheee!  I have been worried about the ground around here because our trees have been doing so poorly.  But this Spring seems to have cleaned everything up because it all looks so beautiful!  It has all come in lush and full of life.

It looks like it has stopped raining.  I’m going to pull out one of the camp chairs and go out to sit for a while.  I’ll probably end up pulling some weeds until my rib tells me enough!  Thanks for reading.  Stay safe and have a great day!

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