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Mental Health Matters

Yesterday started out well enough.  When Chris got up I took Moose and did the running.  Once we were settled back home I tried calling Mom (no answer) then Dad.  Dad and I Facetimed for a bit but had to hang up with the promise to call back later.  Meanwhile I called Mom back.  We chatted and Dad called a few times while we talked.  I hung up with her and tried calling Dad back.  Two rings then it disconnected.  I figured he was pissed off because I did not answer right away.  I tried a few more times and same thing.  Ok, fine.  I showered and we had dinner.

Things exploded after that.  Dad sends me these garbled emails that make no sense but maybe one word out of what was supposed to be a sentence.  I try Facetime again.  Nothing.  More emails (I sent both texts and emails but got no response from them) that are garbled.  Now I am freaking out.  I miss a phone call from him and he leaves a three minute message thinking he is talking to me and I am not responding.  He says he is calling 911 and gives me all this information about his doctor and to call and, and, and…

I hunt down his partners phone number and call panicked and in tears.  I explain everything that has happened and ask for help.  He says he will go right over and see what is going on and call me back when things are under control.  Flash forward about two hours and I get a phone call from Dad but it is his partner calling.  They put me on speaker phone so I can talk to both of them.  Dad never called 911.  His partner got things straightened out there (I won’t got into detail with all that) so Dad seemed to be coming out of his fugue.  In my eyes he had a psychotic break.  He doesn’t remember much other than he couldn’t get Facetime to work (it seems to be broken on his computer).  So.  That was my day.

To end this post on a good note I bought myself a new glass hummingbird feeder and put it up.  Within say 30 minutes of putting it up we had our first hummingbird arrive.  She even stayed while I was on the phone and the kids were in the yard playing.

I hope your day goes well.  Be safe and thanks for reading…

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