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Birds and Bees and Flowers Please

It has dawned bright and sunny.  We never got the promised storms or rain yesterday.  Supposedly they are coming this afternoon.  Again.  Be that as it may I will be in the gardens for a short while to plant some of the seedlings that I have grown.  The pots are getting too full and I want as many as I can help to survive.

We have resident chipmunks that are very comfortable around the whole family.  Yesterday one of them just sat and watched as the dogs played nearby and I read my book.  When Chris ventured out I pointed out the little one and Chris smiled as he stood and watched the chipmunk watch him.  A goodly portion of our local wildlife are very friendly and will just hang out with us.  I have experienced this before here but not to this extent.  I am really enjoying it.

Chris and I went out to Pearl’s, our local Cajun restaurant, yesterday.  While it was a good time I was miserable by the time we left because of my rib.  We stopped at the grocery store to get some stuff off our list as well as some stuff for today.  It was only after we had been home a few hours that Chris pointed out that we had gotten nothing for today as we had planned.  Sigh.  (I did get a beautiful gerber daisy plant though.)   I said I would go out today and get things if he wanted to stay home.  That being said it also dawned on me that waiting to get the kibble til Tuesday on the way to Essie’s follow-up appointment would be impossible.  There is no way I can pick up a 50lbs bag of kibble right now.  So since I am going out anyway I will do the curbside service to get the kibble so they can load it in the car and when I get home Chris can unload it and put it in the bin (another impossibility for me right now).

I am continuing with light yoga and my plank at night.  I worry that if I stop I won’t start again and I need to be doing something (which also explains the working in the yard even though I pay for it later… I can’t just sit and do nothing).

I think the lilacs will bloom either today or tomorrow.  With all this good growing weather they have come a long way in a few days.  I am very excited.  This will attract more critters including hummingbirds (which reminds me I need to replace my old feeder while I am out as well).  It should be fun to just sit and watch things this summer!

My rib is telling me I have sat too long so I bid you adieu.  Stay safe and thanks so much for reading!

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