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Taking Stock

It is overcast this morning.  Maybe I will get something done today.  Mom and I are going to try to hook up today.  I found a flamingo mug for her as a thank you for her help.  I did get Moose’s appointment set up to get his teeth cleaned.  I am hoping I will have the money.  Things feel like they are moving too fast right now.  I spent a good portion of my night having a hard time breathing and a mild panic attack.  I can’t wait to try to function in the “real” world again.  NOT.

I find my mind is a constant state of simmering panic this morning.  As long as I don’t focus on my day and what needs to be done I am ok.  But when I start trying to plan things out for the day anxiety sets in.  This will be fun today!  Chris has the day off.  I think today is going to be the working-on-the-project-bike day.  I am hoping to hook up with Mom and bee back before he gets up but that will depend on what time Mom gets up and what we plan to do for the day.

The leaves on the trees are getting bigger and bigger as the days go on.  It is nice to see after feeling that Spring would never arrive.  I am back to leaving my plants outside.  I am still leery of planting anything but I am going to have to take the risk soon because the plants are really growing and need more room than are in the pots.  Maybe I will figure out where to put things today.  That means I need to dig around and clean spots up again.  The last time I went all out cleaning things up I messed up my arm so I need to pick a spot and not do more.  Grrrrr.

Moose is going to be upset that I am not taking him with.  I am tempted but again it will depend on Mom and I are going to do.  If I am just dropping off the money I might take him but if we are going to visit with one another (as of today restaurants, bars and retail is open but only at 50%) I’m not sure.  The sun peeks out every little bit and that can make the car too hot.  I would probably leave him home if we are going to hang out for a bit.

Sorry, I am babbling to try to distract my mind.  I think I am getting a stress headache too.  I will wrap this up.  Sorry it’s not more upbeat.  Stay safe  and thanks for reading.

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