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Sun Is Shining But I Am Not

I feel like a hot mess this morning.  I did too much mentally (I spoke with my Dad and a very close family friend last night) and I ended up sleeping for twelve hours.  Essie tried to get me up a bit before 8am and I asked for a little bit longer and next thing I knew it was 9am.  I woke up feeling drained.  Doing yoga is going to be hard this morning.  Maybe I will try outside.  The sun is shining and the birds are chirping away.  Complete opposite of what I feel right now.

I am going to try to do things in the yard today.  Maybe out front.  I want to work on training with the dogs but… Things feel so blah.  I may try with Essie or Moose later.  They listen pretty well on their own.  Chris suggested getting harnesses for them so they don’t slip their collars when they are out and about.  And he is right.  They can be little Houdinis when they want to.

On the plus side I see my money has hit the account so I am going to try to get Moose in to the vet.  I need to get all the bills paid then I will call the vet and see what I can do.  I am still not sure about the Jeep.  I haven’t gone over to talk to my mechanic about things yet.  But being able to do what needs to be done is a big relief.  I think that is some thing I worry about id finding a job that I can do everything that needs to be done and still have a life.  I don’t want to work six and seven days a week.

I think I will wrap this post up for now.  Sorry I’m not in a better frame of mind.  I hope everyone is staying safe and thanks so much for reading.

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