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Cooking Satisfaction

It’s been raining for nineteen hours.  I had just gotten back from the store when it started yesterday.  We are under a flood warning until tonight at midnight.  The winds have been steady and strong.  I’m sure there will be a lot of debris to pick up.

Yesterday went pretty well.  I made the lemon pound cake using a recipe from my Winnie the Pooh cookbook (this is the same gem that has given my my much loved banana cake recipe as well as the ever popular sandwich bread recipe).  I wouldn’t be surprised it it did weigh a pound!  I had to hand stir everything so by the time I was done I hurt a lot.  But I got that in the oven and started on the enchiladas.  Those turned out very well.  Chris kept coming out to see what was going on with the myriad of smells.

We lost power around quarter to five this morning.  The girls left the bed in search of Chris but Moose stayed with me.  He shook a little bit but I ended up turning the light on just a bit (Chris made my tall bedside lamp an adjustable light many years ago) and he snuggled right back in and we were able to go back to sleep in short order.  Everyone is asleep now.  I just need to go and reset all the clocks.

I am hoping I don’t need to chose between fixing the car and taking Moose in.  The Jeep slipped out of 5th gear while I was at speed.  No hand on the shifter or anything (I drive a stick shift).  I am concerned about that.  But if I limit my driving… and I do have the motorcycle if needed.

My plan had been to do my yoga before I did this since once I am done the kids usually want attention.  Buuuut with letting them out after feeding them it is easier to use the time to set the laptop up and make my coffee.  Going to let them in and out doesn’t disrupt as much as it would trying to do a yoga routine.  So I guess I will give it a go once this is done.  Maybe I can do it outside on nice days.  There is a rather long warm up routine that needs to be done four times before you get to the daily routine (that needs to be repeated and average of two or more times on average… each day is a different routine).  I told myself if everything was still sore I just needed to get through the warm up once.  I am not sure how everything will respond so I will wait and see.  I think the Monday routine is the Sun Salute.  I will let you know tomorrow how that goes.  Oooo, I’d forgotten that I usually do my article writing for the paper before I do this so yes yoga will have to wait until after I finish my blog.  I have a meeting tonight to cover so that will be a factor tomorrow.

I’d better get going so I can do some yoga (before I make anymore excuses up).  I hope you and yours are safe!  Thanks for reading!  Cheers!

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