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More Sunshine

The sun is out shining brightly.  It is supposed to be more of a summer’s day today.  So it becomes a question of if I am getting groceries today or tomorrow.  I dread going because it is was too people-y last time.  I swear everyone only gets a few things off their list so they have a excuse to go to the store to get out of the house.  I don’t blame them but does everyone have to go the same day I do?  So when I go I will end up power shopping also known as going through as fast as I can just getting what is on the list so I can get out of there.

We picked up Chris’s project bike yesterday morning.  It is an ’81 Yamaha 650 Twin.  He has been thinking about what he wants to do to it for the past two years.  It seems to be in decent shape despite having sat for 11 years.  Since that bike is now in the garage with the Tenaris and the 600RR I asked if Chris would help me move the Pearl (a ’92 CBR600) into the garage from the shed.  She is crammed in there with all kinds of other crap that was supposed to go into the garage.  So she will make her grand entrance tomorrow afternoon sometime.  Maybe having her out with space that I can actually work on her will get me going on fixing her up to be a track bike.  First thing she will be getting a bath to get all the grunge off from sitting.

Truthfully I would like to stay home today but I may have to get groceries today as I did promise to make a lemon pound cake (from scratch) and I need a few more ingredients.  There is also a Mexican dish it sounds like I am making as well (Chris sent me a recipe that he thought sounded good).  I got the treats made the other day so the kids will be set for a few weeks.

I’m sitting here looking at my two Minion kites.  I still haven’t flown either one of them.  My Bob one looks like it is going to need a fix as one of the corners won’t stay attached to the frame.  I’m not sure what to use to fix it.  I don’t want to upset the weight balance of the thing.  Maybe I will monkey around with that today too.  We’ll see.

I guess I’d better wrap this up and get my day rolling.  I hope you and yours are safe and well.  Thanks for reading!

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