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Living the Material Life

The updates on my laptop are taking forever so I guess I am writing this on my phone today. It has dawned chilly, grey and wet. I think that is part of the reason I slept so late. The kids are back asleep.

I spent most of my day outside yesterday. The sun came out blazing and the temperature was in the 60s (15.5C and warmer). The kids were in and out enjoying the weather as well.

Unfortunately all that good will towards myself has gone. Do you ever do things spur of the moment and all is well but a few days later you wonder what you were thinking? I am doing that. It doesn’t seem to matter that I may have needed things (a good example are my slippers that had no bottoms but the ones I made of duct tape got replaced as did the lone pair of flip flops that were coming apart) I feel guilty I spent the money on “frivolous” things. (My mind keeps calling it that because I really like what I got to replace the old shoes.) Then I made a purchase for Dad on Amazon. In order to get free shipping I had to get some things off my wish list to fluff up the order. And now I feel bad for spending the extra money.

So I guess today’s goal is to stop beating myself up for living and being happy about material things. Maybe I will just try to lose myself in writing for awhile. I hope you and yours are safe. Thanks for reading!

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