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Anxious with Essie

Rather telling that the sun was out when I took Essie to the vet and now it is dark clouds.  Essie was shaking so bad when I left her at the vet. They are supposed to call around noon to let me know how Essie is.  Is it noon yet?  I hate to wish away time but I just want my baby girl back here safe.  I hated leaving her alone scared like that.  And Mom I think is upset because I did not come over after I dropped Essie off.  She sent me a text after I had already been home for a few minutes saying that I should just come over to her house and hang out until I had to go get Essie.  I explained that I was already home and I had to come home anyway because the other two dogs had not eaten breakfast nor were the water bowls out.  (I got up and got everyone out to go potty and then took Essie to the vet.)  She also keeps confusing the ER vet with our vet.  They are related but our vet is not only cheaper but also only 15 minutes from home.  The ER vet is about 30 minutes.

The big excitement yesterday was that I did a through cleaning of the ceiling fan.  Atleast as best I could standing on a chair.  I wiped the blades down, washed the light covers and changed out the bulbs so that they all matched.  The air feels a lot cleaner now so go me!  I am trying to do more but the constant cold is sucking the life out of me.  That and not getting much sleep at night.  So I don’t want to do much. Outside is not only cold but there is a constant freezing wind that just sucks the heat and energy right out of you.   It doesn’t seem like Essie is missing right now because if she were here she would be out of sight sleeping on the dog bed.  Once we get going around here I will really notice that she is not here.

And on that note dear friends I am going to step away.  I hope everyone has a great day and stays safe.  Thanks for reading.❤

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