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A Day in the Life

It snowed last night and is cold enough that it is still her this morning.  Moose ate breakfast but neither of the girls ate.  This is the first time since I brought Stella home that she would not eat.  She went right to the love seat and curled up.  I can hear Essie’s tummy gurgling from across the room.

I move a bunch of stuff out to the garage and rearranged a bunch of stuff in the house so that we could put the new recliner in the bedroom when it came.  It is too small for Chris.  So.  He will meanwhile look for another larger recliner to sleep in.

Mom did get her autographed jersey before Mother’s Day.  It wasn’t supposed to arrive until the middle of next week.  She was over the moon when she got it.  The new dryer works really well.  Jeans are dry the first time through with only 45 minutes to dry them.  Moose was shaking when I started the new dryer but wasn’t when I went to check the clothes when it finished.  The lint filter design is also something genius as it wraps around so that nothing can get into the body of the dryer and mess things ups like on the old one.  I do need to figure out how to turn the melody that it plays off.  It goes on for almost a complete minute quite unnecessarily.

My treat to myself last night was I got pizza and Pepsi delivered and I watched all but the second movie in the Phantasm movie franchise.  It was interesting to follow the characters but I think that I like the first one the best.  I usually do when it comes to the original versus sequels to movies.  Although with Candyman I liked all of them and I really enjoyed some of the Child’s Play sequels.  But I am usually willing to give things atleast one watch through before I say yea or nay.

The natives are getting restless so I supposed I ought to wrap this up.  I will take them out to the garage for a run about.  I need to put together a grocery list as well.  That will probably happen once Chris gets up.  Not sure if I will make it home before he leaves for work though.  It will depend on how busy the store is.  Be safe and thanks for reading!

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