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I am more tired than when I went to bed last night.  The meeting lasted two and a half hours.  I am very grateful that it was on Zoom and I was home.  It was fun having the kids around too.  I may try to do it on my laptop next time as I could only see four people at a time.  As the Commission logged out I was able to see the rest (four at a time).  That was on my phone so maybe it will be different on the laptop.

I am out of coffee.  Hang on…  Poor Moose!  I had to put jeans in the dryer for Chris and he just started shaking like crazy.  He hates the beeping that the dryer does.  It doesn’t do it that often (but often enough) that he is scared whenever I use it.  Some days me doing all the laundry freaks him out.  Not just using the dryer.  I opened the door so the kids could go out but Moose came right back in and is on the floor beside me.  His shaking is easing off though.  Stella stayed in the kitchen in the sunny spot and Essie took her frisbee outside.

Tomorrow will be the busy day for me.  And the most stressful.  Tomorrow is our vet appointment for all three dogs.  I have to remember to give Moose his anxiety medicine tomorrow morning about two hours before we are supposed to be there.  Everyone will get their annual check-up and shots updated.  I am worried about lumps on the kids and Moose’s juicy burps as well as his not eating a lot of days.  And since they will be coming to the car to get each of them for their individual exams I am hoping that I can get the parking place right in front of the door.  The parking lot is a nightmare because it is so tiny and right on the road.  Please let me get the parking place….

It is supposed to stay cold (the sun is out again but still cold).  Damn.  I have to wrap this up.  The dryer is beeping and those jeans need to be dry.  Moose is completely freaking out.  I hope you and yours are safe!  Thanks for reading !

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