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New Things

I am a bit anxious this morning as tonight will be my first virtual meeting that I am covering for the paper.  I installed Zoom on my phone the other day but I have no idea if it will work tonight.  This will be an experience for all of us I think.  As things stand I have two meeting to cover this week and one every week for the rest of the month.  One more piece of technology in my arsenal!

I got my International Female Ride Day tank top in the mail yesterday.  Yay!  It has always been the first Saturday of May since it started but due to the pandemic it has been rescheduled to August 22, a week after my birthday.  My tank top reflects the new date.  It is a lovely turquoise color and interestingly enough the icon is all black and white.  I have a black tee shirt and a white cami from previous years and the icons on both of them are color.  A bit of history, my first motorcycle and the first IFRD happened the same year.  Well my first full season of riding.  I got the Pearl for myself for my birthday.  So I only got a few months in before I had to tuck her away for the winter.

I am getting restless.  Things are boring me that I do all the time.  Things that don’t change.  So I am trying to find new things to do.  Yesterday the whole family hopped in the Jeep and we drove to the bank.  Chris and I both had business to conduct.  I had planned on taking Moose and Stella (if she wanted to go) once Chris got up.  Since Chris had to go too I drove and we loaded up all three dogs (Essie was not too thrilled but I wanted her to go for a ride that did not include the vet’s office).  All in all it was a success.  I drove the Jeep into the garage and put the door down.  Then I got the kids into the garage and then the Jeep.  When we got home I did the reverse.  So much easier than trying to corral them to the back door (and hoping no one was walking by with or without their dog).

I have some book reviews that I need to finish up so I had better get to it.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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