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Reveling in Nature

Another sunny day seems to be what we will have.  Yesterday was productive.  I finished making the shepards pie, aired up my Jeep tires, got the bike running, brought out all the plants and watered them…  I also managed to get the dogs and the snake tired out.  Yes!  A snake can be tired out!  lol.  Calypso likes it when I sing and dance with her.  I pulled out my Bluetooth speakers and pulled up some of the playlists on my phone and let it rip.  We all had fun and I got a good cardio workout to boot.  Calypso draped herself around my neck twice and just settled in.  She seems to enjoy Sammy Hagar and Godsmack the most.  She also does not like my shorter hair.  She can’t wrap herself around my pony tail properly and rest on my head.  She did find a way to do it though.  When we were done (a few hours later) I cleaned out her cage.  Once she was back in her cage  She made loops just burrowing in and out of her cedar shavings.  I had to feed her two mice before she finally fell asleep.  She still sleeping now.

Today’s goals are making an apple pie from scratch and getting the plants back out in the sun for the day.  I hate bringing in a 15-20 containers but I am worried that the low temps at night will kill the seedlings.  We still have frost in the mornings.   I thought about working in the gardens but all I have right now are hand tools.  My shovel is missing (I think it was taken when they took the building tools away because they thought it was theirs) so I just have my hand trowels and shovels.  I’m not sure that it will do my arm much good to use those.  Soooo I need to figure out what to do.  I need to get in deep for some of the spots (the raised beds haven’t been touched in years because they were outside the fence but now that they are inside the new fencing I want to use them).  The rock gardens need a good cleaning out as well.  It’s hard to keep some of them cleaned up because those same little weeds sneak in there.  Some you can pull early but some you have to let grow a bit before you pull them so they are big enough and strong enough that the whole weed and root system comes up when you pull them.  Otherwise you are just pulling the top of the plant off.

I should get going and start on the apple pie.  I’ll let you know how things turn out tomorrow.  It has been awhile since I’ve done it from scratch.  I hope you and yours are safe!  Thanks for reading!

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