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The First Day of May

We had lots of sun yesterday so we pretty much spent the whole day outside.  I even pulled my potted plants out (although I long for the days when I can just leave the plants outside 24/7).  This morning we woke up to rain.  That will definitely help with all the buds in the trees!  I keep watching my lilac bushes.  The buds have been there since last fall (we had these wonderfully warm streaks that convinced the bushes to bud and then it turned too cold, then a nice day then cold) and I was worried that the bushes would not bloom this year.  The buds seem to be getting bigger and that is a very good sign!

The internet seems to have straightened itself out finally.  I wasn’t on very much and I know I missed a lot of tags, posts etc. because of it.  I will probably have to play catch up today.  Even text messages were wonky yesterday.  Oh and I think Dad is ignoring me.  He blows up my email with stuff (usually memes) but doesn’t respond to any of my emails or text messages.  The excuse that will be given (if and when he finally responds) will be that he never received the messages.  Ok whatever.  To add to it he doesn’t ask to talk to me either.  Soooooo….  I think he is mad because I couldn’t talk to him the last time he had depression and an anxiety attack.  He had to call his brother.  I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

The rain has stopped but it is still over cast.  And that is fine.  Yesterday makes up for it.  today’s temperature is going to be nice again so I may be back outside.  I may try working in the gardens.  Although last time I went great guns and brought back my damn tendonitis with a vengeance.  I tried to see if I could ride and damn near dropped the bike!  Thankfully the kickstand was still down (I sat on the bike and tried to see if I could steer) so when my arm gave out it didn’t fall into Chris’s bike (for whatever reason he parked the bikes right next to each other so there is barely room for me to get between them and onto my bike).

I started the shepard’s pie last night because the meat needed to be cooked asap.  I will finish that this morning and let it cook in the oven.  Cutting the meat up hurt after a bit.  I suppose I ought to look into getting a brace for my arm.  Cutting up the potatoes for the topping is going to be interesting.  Then there will be the mashing part.  I guess I will try using my left hand more.   I was for awhile then I drifted back to my right.

I have gone on long enough.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you and yours are safe!

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