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Running in Place

Well today is starting out grand… I have no idea when you will be able to read this as the internet is in and out right now. I’m not sure why ,other than the fact that we have Charter and Charter sucks. So this means I am writing this in my phone. At least the sun is out.

Why is it not indenting my paragraphs? Sigh… Moose has a tummy ache again. He won’t eat. So that is something else to tell the vet next week. I have a bad feeling about it to be honest. It is happening way too frequently. I hope it is something that can be fixed rather than dealt with (like cancer).

I made apple treats yesterday (dicing the apples was the hard part because I had to stop every little bit because of the tendinitis). It was worth the effort because everyone enjoyed them. I also made a loaf of bread. That last rise on my bread seems to turn them into monster loaves. It happened again last night. I ended up wrapping the edges back on top of the loaf. All four sides over flowed and ended up on the counter.

I have a meeting I am supposed to cover on Zoom Tuesday night for the paper. I hope I am feeling well enough to do so. I know I just have to watch the meeting on my screen but I still have to be able to put what I see and hear on paper so others can read it. If I am still muddled after this weekend I may have to ask someone else to cover it. I hope not but we will see. A lot of hoping going on…

I am gonna wrap this up for now. I’m still feeling less than stellar. I think curling up with a book will be the extent of my morning at this point. I hope you and yours are well! Stay safe and thanks for reading! (Oh and our lockdown has been extended again. Pretty much through May now.)

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