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Writing and Memories

The rain has been steady all night.  I managed to get all three Pittys out to go potty after breakfast (and they didn’t melt!).  After dark last night I opened one of the bay windows wide so I could hear the peepers sing.  When I can hear them at night I know Spring is here!  As an added bonus it seems that one of them was hanging out at our ponds behind the house!  So I had a front row seat to listen to him.

I am still bashing my novel around trying to figure out what to do with it.  Maybe it was just meant to be a short story or a novella?  I am not sure anymore.  I am curious what happens to the characters but I don’t know what happens to them.  Since pretty much the next few days are supposed to be rain filled maybe this will help me stay focused on the story.  I have my current issue of The Writer that I have been going through.  Actually most of my recent writing magazines are sitting here on the table with bookmarks at various points.

An odd coincidence happened yesterday.  I got a hankering for orange marmalade the other day and remembered to grab some when I was at the store (the absolute last jar!).  Well yesterday I cracked the jar to have some on my toast.  (And it was goooood.)  Later that night I happened to be looking for some thing in my office and I found the Paddington Bear that my best friend in grade school and high school gave me.  The tag on him said 1987 so it had to be my 15th birthday that she got it for me.  Everytime I remember her I also remember that she is gone.  She commit suicide about six years ago.  One of my other close friends was able to find out what happened for me.  I am still missing one of my other very close friends.  We are still trying to find out what happened to her.   After I found Paddington I just kind of sat in my office and went down memory lane for a bit.  It’s interesting to see what triggers different memories.  It might be a sound, a scent or some thing you hold in your hand.

I had better get myself moving.  I hope you and yours are well. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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