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Essie has managed to sprain both her front legs.  I called our vet (they were booked solid and nothing til Monday at 4:45pm) the bit the bullet and called the ER vet.  I explained what was going on and what I thought had happened.  There was a possibility of doing a video conference call with the vet (yay!  no drive and no freaked out Pibble!) the tech just needed to talk to the doctor and see what she thought we should do.  Well because of Essie’s age (she will be 10 years old in July) it was decided that we should drive in for an appointment.  Bugger.  I asked what the drop off procedure was.  When we got to the vet’s office I was supposed to call and let them know we were there.  Then the hard part.  I had to put two of their leashes on her and leave her tied to the wall in the vestibule.  Broke my heart to do that!  Essie was not a happy baby either but as soon as I had left the vestibule they came and got her so she wasn’t there long.  She still tried to get to me when they took her.  She sat right down and refused to budge.  They finally coaxed her in the main office.  The first thing the vet said?  “First off I have to tell you what a sweet girl your dog is!”  I smiled and said thank you (I was sitting in my car talking to the vet on my phone).

Essie is on pain medication instead of an anti inflammatory because it would have been not only more stressful to Essie but more time and money as they would need to draw blood and run tests to check her kidneys and various other things to make sure she was ok to have the medicine.  Since Essie would probably stay quiet an not be running around the vet decided to give her pain meds.  The nice side effect of the meds is that it may cause drowsiness so that will help keep her from getting too busy.

Everyone ate dinner last night and breakfast this morning.  I think Moose still isn’t feeling well but I could not pinpoint what is wrong if asked.  I just know that something is.  Soooo that will be something to deal with on his vet visit.  And Stella is just fine.  She has been a real trooper since her siblings have been getting more attention than she has because they don’t feel good.

I ought to wrap this up as I am out of coffee.  Stay safe and thanks for reading!  And thank you for all the kind words and love sent!

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