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Where Is the Restart Button?

I am writing this at the laundry mat with Moose. I am trying to get the jeans dry so Chris can go to work. it hasn’t been the best morning. I over slept because my tendinitis kicked in hard over the course of the night. I forgot to put jeans in before I went to bed so Chris has to do it when he got home. When I tried to put jeans in our dryer it started beeping and since not only was Moose freaking out but it was noisy I tried to quickly and quietly load up the car with laundry and dog (Stella picked this morning to be a shit and wander the yard instead of getting in the car so she stayed home). Realized I had no quarters left so I had to go to the atm and get out money and then get change. I have a lovely stress headache right now. I only hope Chris can get more sleep. His shoulder is really painful right now so he is miserable most of the time.

There is no WiFi here so this will probably drop on the site as soon as we get home. I did get an appointment for the kids at the vet. I will take all three since they are only taking them one at a time I won’t need to worry about trying to get everyone in together. I explained about Moose (I was talking to a new employee so she had never met the kids) and we came up with a plan to minimize his anxiety. We hope.

Moose is getting restless. We still have another 9 minutes before I can check the dryer. The first one I put a quarter in did not work. Thank goodness no one else was doing laundry because it turns out only one dryer is working. Gah! I hope the day gets better!

Short and not so sweet this morning. I hope you and yours are doing well. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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