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The skies are still grey but there wasn’t any thin layer of ice on the ponds out back so that is a HUGE relief.  I don’t hear any birds though.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  It was a battle of who got to sleep next to me/with me.  When the lights went out both Essie and Stella were asleep between my legs.  Moose was asleep beside me.  Essie was snoozing on my thigh and Stella was at my feet.  Over the course of the night things changed and by the time I woke up for the day Moose was all but pushing me off the bed trying to get between me and Stella (who managed over the course of the night to be beside me on my pillow).  Essie had migrated to being by my feet.

Much got accomplished yesterday.  Things got straightened around with my phone app for the bank and I paid a bunch of this month’s bills up.  Which felt amazingly good.  I got a loaf of bread made (regular, not the sour dough) and got some groceries (among the items was a 25lbs (11kg) bag of flour and yeast).  I also treated myself to a sheet of T.rex stamps when I went to the post office and a Ganesh necklace that I had been looking at for the past few weeks.  I am debating about whether or not to take the kids into the vet for their annual exam and shot up dates.  Moose is my biggest concern as he gets scared the most (bad enough that I have to give him anxiety medicine before I take him and even with that he is bad off).  I just don’t know if he would go with someone else so they can give him his exam and shots.  I might call the vet today and ask.  I need to get them in and since I have the money I need to do it now.  (I can’t tell you what a relief to be able to do what needs to be done without worrying about money!)

Mom and I had a good talk yesterday.  Atleast until she started talking politics.  Then I just started giving short answers.  And then she was like Dad and was surfing the internet on her phone while we talked and telling me all this obscure stuff.  At that point we both decided to hang up and feed our respective fur kids.

I think I may start to seriously clean around here.  Maybe do a room a day.  Or maybe a task a day (like floors one day and windows another kind of thing).   I guess we’ll see.  I need to call the vet while I still am of a mind to.  Before Moose’s big brown eyes convince me that he is better at home with his Momma that at the mean ole vet’s office.  Take care and thanks for reading!

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