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A Rather Blustery Day

The wind has been blowing hard since yesterday afternoon.  It even shared ice chunks overnight.  Now we may get up to an inch (2.5 cm) of snow in the next few hours.  Mot much I admit but still… It’s almost May!  I got some of the seedlings separated into other pots (I am so grateful I saved the plastic ones from the nursery a few years ago!).  Everyone seems to have survived overnight.  Yay!

Once I have finished this I am going to make bread.  I meant to do it last night but I got caught up with the plants.  By the time I remembered it would have been around 1am or later when I finally pulled the loaf out of the oven.  I will probably have to make puppy treats this week at one point as well.

The wind keeps distracting me.  You can hear it through the windows as it gusts through the trees.  A lot of the trees are being bent way over and there are a lot of branches and limbs scattered through the yard.  Everything is in constant motion.  Just like us the trees try to go back to the way they were and the wind blows them right back to new spot.

So many of my writer friends are using this time to work on projects and start new ones.  Not me.  I seem to be deeper in the quagmire of words than when I started.  I have all this open time and freedom to write and I come up with a big goose egg.  It’s not even from a golden goose.  I’m not sure what to do to get myself going again.  I have things going around my head but when they get on paper they don’t even sound interesting.  So I ditch the idea and stare around the house some more.  Even with reviews I don’t sound very competent.  And the authors of those books deserve that I sound atleast like I know what I am talking about.

I think I will make another cup of coffee and then start the bread.  It will have to rise for an hour before I knead it and let it rise for another hour then pop it in the oven to bake.  If I time it right that can be the smell that wakes Chris up.  As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

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