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Writing and Gardening, Inside and Out

The sun has risen and the sky is blue.  Moose didn’t eat breakfast and has been beside me all night.  His tummy isn’t making gurgle noises so I am hoping he just has a case of the blahs.  Today will hopefully be Chris’s first day back to work.  If he does ok then I will look into setting up my job interview for later this week.

I did finish reading How Stella Got Her Groove Back yesterday.  It was good and light-hearted.  My problem was the stream of consciousness sentences.  Most of her sentences were paragraphs or pages long.  There was no pause for breath.  And it took me a long time to wrap my head around that.  It was like when Stella (my dog not the main character in the book) just gulps her food down without pausing and sometimes chokes because she is going so fast.  I got maybe a third to halfway through the novel before I got used to it and was able to focus on the reading and story rather than trying to figure out what was being said all in one breath.  That being said it did give me something else to help gauge my novel with.  I am hoping to try to work on that today as well.

I need to catch up on my correspondence today as well.  I have a few emails from concerned family members that I need to answer.  I’ve not been very good at keeping in touch lately.  I also need to sit down with my notebook and figure out which books I need to review and put on the various sites.  Right now the reviews are pretty much because the let me read the book.  And I am getting behind again.

People seem to be doing all this wonderful stuff now that they have the time and I have accomplished my planting of seeds and a bit of yard work.  No big projects.  I hope to do more soon but that will depend on the weather.  Chris made some Texas chili the other night and saved the seeds for the mirad of peppers he used and those have all been planted in pots.  Hopefully they will sprout as well.  I need to thin out what I have but I am running out of pots to put them in and space to keep them until it warms up enough to plant.  I keep looking around the yard and house for containers I can use.  I am going to have to do something soon.

I’d better look for a sour dough recipe so I can use some of the sour dough yeast I have in the fridge.  I have no idea what to do with it or how long it keeps.  And on that note dear friends I should wrap this up.  Thank you for reading!  Stay safe!

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