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Where Is the Story Headed?

I can write that all the snow has disappeared (and not reappeared).  Things are in a bit if a mess… well not a mess per say but off from the normal routine which puts everything else off.  Or atleast it feels that way.   Nothing bad so much as different so that I suppose is a good thing.  Something different in all this sameness.

I got a job offer yesterday that I had to turn down (atleast for the time being) because of being sick.  Chris plans on going back to work on Monday.  If he does well I will call my prospective employer to set up an interview and see about getting another job.  It would be considered frontline work as it is going to be at a big grocery store but  I need something reliable to pay the bills with.  Still no word on my unemployment other than I don’t qualify for the regular benefits (not enough hours worked at the lot).  Apparently Monday is when things are supposed to start happening in regards to the unemployment supplement.  We shall see.

I did have a bit of a break through with the novel in regards to the main character’s plight.  It makes more sense and makes her more relatable.  Now I just need to figure out what I am trying to do with the story.  My horror stories are easier.  You have characters against each other and they either defeat the scary stuff or they don’t (an oversimplification).  With this is is more of a drama and could happen (probably has happened) to others.  But I have never been any good at the slice of life stuff.  I know where the story begins but where does it end?  Why should we follow the story?  What is the story?  I have a few books that follow a similar premise of growth for their main character so I may have to set down some of the current reading material and focus on one of those books to see if I can glean anything for my story.  I am hopeful.

I am trying to write something other than my normal to stretch myself.  But it is difficult because I very rarely ever read this type of book/story.  It is something that normally doesn’t interest me.  Right now it is just my main character that interests me.  I want to see what she does.  But in order to do that she has to have the proper backstory.  So I suppose today ought to be spent in part rewriting her backstory to include the changes I decided on yesterday and see how that goes.

I should get going on that while I have the momentum and focus.  Thanks for your help and thanks for reading!  Stay safe!

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