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A Gardening We Will…. WHAT?!

A plow truck just went by.  A PLOW TRUCK… When I went to bed last night all the snow that had fallen had melted.   What do I find when we get up this morning?  Another 2-3 inches (5-7 cm) of snow had fallen overnight.  My big concern right now are my plants and trees.  The lilac bushes had begun to get nice big buds for the Spring.  For about three days now they have been frozen, thawed and frozen again.  The same for my three rose bushes.  I hate winter and snow at the best of times.  But when it is supposed to be sunny and warming up to Summer?  Yeah you don’t want me to get started.

So I guess this means I will need to spread out the little seedlings that are coming up like crazy now into pots and hope I have enough.  I may have to get a little creative.  I don’t think I have enough for everything.  I guess we’ll see.  As of Tuesday all the seeds I planted have sprouted.  The only seeds I am waiting on are the five orange pips I soaked and put in a jar.  If I can get them to sprout I will get a great big pot and put them in it.  Then I will just move the pot in and out as needed.  I have both a red onion and white onion planted in dirt now so really if all goes well we should have quite the garden this year.  I am very excited!

No one really did much yesterday (ok, I made puppy treats and did a load of dishes).  I did watch a little over three hours of Isle of Man highlights from 2019 (on Amazon Prime free if anyone is a fan).  I tried to keep the kids busy despite the pain in my arm.  I think I did ok.  They were rotating cuddle bugs while I was on the love seat.  Essie finally ate this morning.  She ate a little last night but left about half.  She ate all her breakfast.

Being stuck in the house is making everyone feel blah.  If the weather was nice we could have the door open and be in the yard.  We are getting tired of sitting in front of the tv (atleast I am)…. I just noticed that there are no birds singing this morning.  That makes me sad.  Books are just not keeping my attention anymore.  I have around 20 digital books that I was given and a bunch that I brought home from the lot that were unclaimed.  Some of them I was really excited by as I had wanted to read them but never got a copy.  Now that I have them… meh.  As for writing I have the time until Chris gets up for the day (sometimes not even that as the kids get antsy and want to atleast get attention) otherwise I am involved in keeping others entertained or keeping in touch.  I am also in charge of a Stephen King Facebook page while the creator is away.  While I am grateful to be trusted with it I am finding myself bored with social media so it is a struggle to check it to make sure posts are ok and accept new members etc.

I hear a few robins and some blue jays now.  I feel a little better.  I hope they will be ok as well.  Stay safe and as always thanks for reading!  Cheers!

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