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When the Dogs Are Too Smart

I sit here with my mug of Twinkie flavored coffee (don’t judge) and contemplate the 2 inches (5cm) of snow that has fallen over the last few hours.  Where is this early Spring everyone said was going to happen?  Seems like we are backtracking up here.  I am glad that I got everything done outside that I did yesterday.  The girls managed to get out of the fence yesterday.  I had let all three dogs out to go to the bathroom.  A few minutes later Moose came to the door to be let in.  He had a look on his face so I stuck my head out the door to see where the girls were.  And LO!  The little stinkers were on the wrong side of the fence in the company of a big white dog.  Panicking I started to call for them to come in.  Long story short(ish) I managed to get the girls back in the house.  I am very proud of them for two reasons.  1.  There was no fighting because there was another dog and 2. they did not take off when the white dog did.  They stayed right by the fence sniffing and looking at me.  As it turns out the girls got out by pushing themselves under the fence.  (When they installed the fence last year… or was that the year before?  The contractor doing the garage did the fence.  Anyway when it was installed I complained that in some areas the fence did not reach the ground.  There was a 1 and 2 inch (2 and 5cm) gap from the ground.  It was deemed no big deal by everyone (and it turns out the guys who installed the fence did not know how to do it and watched a YouTube video to put the fence in) and nothing was done.)  So my solution was to haul the large tree limbs that they just dumped and did not clean up when cutting the tree to put up the garage along the base of the fence line where my two too smart girls might be able to get out again.  Fortunately there were a lot of thick branches for me to haul over.  The kids thought it was a big game and were playing along the fence as I worked.  Stella got a case of the zoomies and got the other two ripping around the yard as well.  So it was a win/win.  Everyone got some exercise.  The only downside was that I managed to take a small chunk of skin out of one of my fingers.  The plus side was that it was so cold out I didn’t notice until we got back inside.

Everyone was good and tired last night.  I managed to sleep until 3am or so then I pretty much laid in bed until 6:30am before I dozed off again.  I didn’t want to get up but we did around 8am.  Thus this is later than normal.  The sun is out despite the cold and the kids want to get into their various sunny spots.  I suppose I should take the hint and wrap this up.  I hope everyone is safe and thanks for reading!  Cheers!

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