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Fighting the Boredom

The sun is out but it is bitterly cold.  The snow that fell yesterday and last night haven’t moved.  The ponds are even frozen over.  A thick ice too, not the usual light crispy layer that melts within minutes of direct sunshine.  Bless the birds for still sounding cheerful.  It is supposed to stay cold for the next few days as well.  None of us are particularly happy with that.  The wind is still blowing strong.  It has eased up a little but the trees and such are still moving vigorously.

I managed to make my tendonitis worse yesterday.  But it was for a good cause.  I washed the bedding yesterday and the dryer started beeping which scared Moose badly.  No idea why he gets like that but there it is.  Anyway, despite the fact that the removeable screen gets cleaned every load to remove lint etc. a lot seems to go through the screen and end up in the body of the machine.  So I spent maybe n hour or so with various long implements digging down getting as much of the lint clumps as I could.  I ended up putting duct tape (sticky side out) around the ends of the tools I was using to help get the lint out.  And my brave brave Moose sat beside me the whole time.  It doesn’t matter how afraid he is of that dryer he never lets me go in the utility room to do laundry alone.

Yesterday’s mail arrived with our income tax paperwork, my current issue of The Writer and my Minion mask that a friend made for me to wear out.  I didn’t get much done other than the bedding and the one load of clothes to empty out the dirty clothes hamper.  Today I need to make puppy treats and probably sweep the floor.  I had no focus yesterday so a lot of my day was spent watching tv.  I even ran out of episodes of NY Ink.  I was bummed.  But I did find that I have the first season of Inspector Morse until the end of the month.  So I was happy about that.

So with at the very least two more weeks to go under quarantine I am still mostly sane.  The headache isn’t helping.  I will wrap this up and try another cup of coffee and reading for a bit.  I hope everyone is well and staying safe!  Thanks for reading!

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