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And Back to Snow

Snowing in the front yard while raining in the back.   This is how confused the weather is this morning.  The internet hasn’t been much better.  The modem and router have been restarted once already this morning.  Both Chris and I are up.  Essie and Moose have upset tummies and won’t eat.  Stella is ready to play but finally asleep behind me on the loveseat.  I have tried to go one for my unemployment but it will not connect.  So I will try again later tonight.  I’m sure it won’t get better as more people wake up an try to login.

Today’s sketchy weather is supposed to include a storm (rain/snow mix) as well as very high winds.  So we’ll see.  I am very glad that the bikes aren’t out in this mess.  My routines have been messed up and it feels as though everything is off now.  There is no uninterrupted time in the mornings now.   And I feel bad for Chris because he is on the complete opposite schedule he needs to be on.  I’m not sure how late he was up last night.  I turned the lights off after midnight.  (I guess I should’ve stayed up and tried to do my unemployment.)

I have no enthusiasm for the day today.  I can’t do anything outside.  Two pups are sick as well as two adults (I felt better yesterday but not so much today).  Bedding is going in the washer so atleast the sheets and blankets will be clean for tonight.   I talked to both Mom and Dad yesterday but the video/audio was bad on the Facetime with Dad.  Connecting was an issue too.  I will probably send him an email to try to figure out a time to try again later.

I hear sirens.  I need to work on some writing today.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’ve not read very much either.  I’ve not been on my phone that much either so that is a good thing.  Maybe a shower will help.  Or maybe I will bite the bullet and fill the garden tub in the master bathroom.  I don’t use it much because it takes all the hot water in the tank to fill it and about 30 minutes to fill.  On really cold days the water doesn’t stay warm for very long.  I think the builders slacked off on insulation under the tub.

The weather is becoming more aggressive so I’d better log off while there is still an internet connection.  Sorry this is a bit of a negative post.  I hope you and yours are safe.  Thanks so much for reading!

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