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Plants and Fires

After all the bright sun of yesterday this morning has begun dark and chilly.  Atleast the wind has stopped.  All is blessedly quiet outside and (finally) in.  The kids have fallen back to sleep and Chris has wandered into his office while I do this.  I guess he couldn’t sleep anymore.

I did get all my seeds that I have planted out into the sun yesterday for a while.  The seeds planted in the empty egg shells are finally beginning to take off.  I was worried for a bit because nothing was coming up and three out of my four pots that had seeds planted in them were starting to sprout.  I try to keep them watered which sometimes means every day or every other day I bring them to the sink and put water into each egg shell.  I really wish WordPress would let me add more photos so I could show you the progress the seedlings are making.  I am very proud of them.  The red onion has taken right off as well.  You should see all the roots that have sprouted!  I hope the white onion does as well when I finally have a top to plant.  I may have to as neighbors to swap seeds later (or atleast bits of produce that I can grow plants from) because the Governor has closed the garden centers and deemed them not necessary.  I’m glad I thought ahead and got what I did.

The big drama yesterday was a brush fire just down the road from us.  As it was our neighbors to the west were burning stuff (we are under orders not to burn trash, tree limbs etc for the time being).  I got a few pictures of the smoke (a garage was blocking the rest of my view and since I am sick it’s not like I could wander over and take better photos) and for a while it was quite thick.  Thankfully the local fire department took care of it before it got out of hand.  And it could have very easily with the strong winds we had yesterday.  There was also a private plane that was circling overhead for most of the time.  Although I suspect that my laying out in the backyard helped to designate where they would circle off as well.  (Even that far up you can tell when a plane banks and it suspiciously did it right over me, lol.)

I am out of coffee so I suppose I should wrap this up.  Yesterday was mostly spent reading since that was really all I had energy for.  Not sure what today will bring.  Stay safe and thanks for reading!  Cheers!

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