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Is It Here?

There is a thick fog this morning.  It very much reflects how I feel mentally.  So much going on and so much panic from everyone.  Mixture of right information and wrong information, what do you chose?  Everything in a limbo.  Chris has a fever so we will be staying home from now on.  I am hoping we can get someone to get groceries and leave them if needed.  We should be good for a bit.  I hope Moose doesn’t get worse because I have no idea how to get him seen by a vet let alone pay for it.  He did eat all his breakfast so that is a step in the right direction.  Having Moose sick too is wearing on my heart.  He is my baby.

So now what?  We can’t/won’t be tested unless it gets bad.  At that point admission to the hospital might happen.  It is frustrating not knowing.  But nothing we can do.  So we wait.  I am not a good wait-er.  I will try to be busy around the house and yard.  I can clean out my car.  It won’t take very long but it needs to be done (I keep a backpack with a change of clothes and other keep me warm gear in the car during the winter months incase of emergency).  I could roller blade with the kids in the garage.  It is still cool and damp from yesterday’s rain.  I have been reading a lot but I need to keep the kids active too.  So I try to find a balance.  They are pretty good at letting me slough off.

I truly don’t know what to write.  I am anxious about the future.  I don’t want to be treated like a pariah if I tell people.  But it’s not like we are associating with anyone anyway.  And we don’t know what is wrong (in my heart of hearts I think it is the nasty but I am trying to remain hopeful) only that something is.

Ok well I suppose I should wrap this up.  I just seem to be staring at the screen now.  I hope all of you and yours stay safe!  Thank you so much for reading!

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