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Field Guides

It was dark when we got up and seems to be getting darker.  Rain and thunderstorms are predicted.  My baby Moose is gurgling on the couch.  He has an upset tummy again.  He wouldn’t eat breakfast either.  Essie was gurgling for a goodly portion of the night.  I did get her to eat most of her breakfast.  And of course Stella the goat is having no issues.  lol.  I need to go and make my car payment today too.  I will probably take Moose with.  For some reason Stella won’t get in the car anymore.  So the past few times I’ve gone anywhere I’ve only taken Moose.  That suits him just fine.

I sent in my article and finally wrote and sent in a book review.  I then spent quality time outside reading.  It was supposed to get up to around 60F (15C) but thick clouds rolled in and a cool breeze started.  I stayed out as long as I could.

Moose has laid beside me on the floor and put his head in my lap to sleep.  His tummy is gurgling away.   Poor baby!  I need to make treats today since we finished the last of them last night.  As I look outside I see mostly cedar waxwings around the ponds.  To me they look like smaller yellow and grey cardinals.  We have never had them before.  So apparently word is getting around the bird community that our yard is the place to be!  We get a new bird breed to watch seemingly every week.  This gives me something to do.  I have dusted off my Birds of Michigan Field Guide by Stan Tekiela.  What I love about this book is it is color coded.  Whatever the primary color of the bird is you can look up what it is in the book.  I can’t tell you how handy that is!  My copy is well worn from many many years of use.  Mom also got me a field guide to our area that includes flora and fauna.  I love it because I can now start to identify some of the stuff on our property.  I know a lot of it but I can usually only tell you the names and what they do here.  Some plants aren’t supposed to be here just like some of the animals are supposed to behave a certain way and don’t here. It is fun watching and learning.

I suppose I should stop here and see about making the car payment.  I also need to order cheese from the local grocery store.  They have an order online and curbside pick up now.  I could actually go into the store in Kalkaska but I don’t want to leave Moose in the car.  I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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