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Holding Steady

Yesterday was chilly despite the sun.  The kids were out a lot.  I finished cleaning out the first raised garden.  I may have done too much because my anxiety fueled raking the other day awakened my tennis elbow injury.  Now instead of just my forearm and crook of my arm it now has incorporated my should as well.  So I will need to take it easy (ha ha as it is my right arm and I am right handed).

There was frost this morning but not a hard frost like yesterday.  I think that the temperatures will remain the same as we got yesterday.  After I finish this I will be sending in my article for the paper.  It’s my bi-weekly on what to do if you self isolate.  Speaking of which there was a helicopter with a spot light last night sweeping the county.  It was going west to east and scanning south to north as they went.  (I hope that makes sense.)  I wonder if this will be a nightly thing now.

Mom might be mad at me.  I turned my phone off yesterday.  I got tired of things that didn’t matter to me, things being repeatedly sent and just hearing about everything going on.  I needed a break.  Truthfully I enjoyed not having my phone on.  No constant texts or messages from people.  No alerts on things that did not affect me.  No depressing stories.  I am sorely tempted to do it again today.  I guess we’ll see.

This will be a short one.  I need to get the article submitted and maybe I can get a review done too.  Be safe and thanks for reading!

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