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Hitting the Line

I think things finally hit home last night.  By 7:30pm I was ready for bed.  I’d talked to both my parents and I was able to finally file for unemployment.  Other things happened that I was trying to process.  But by 7:30 I was done.  I didn’t even read in bed.  Lights out I was done.  I woke up at 11pm with a full blow panic attack.  I finally took some sleep medication because it just kept getting worse.  I would calm my mind on one topic and it would find another equally freaky topic to get my anxiety up about.  (It is trying to do that now.)  I slept around 12 hours.  I feel a bit better mentally but I still know there may be more to go through today.

We woke up to a bad frost and a dusting of snow this morning.  It is supposed to get up to 50F (10C) today.  If it does we may be out in the yard so I can try to get atleast one of the raised gardens cleaned out.  I only have a third of one right now.  I need atleast one to get the garden started for food stuffs.  If the weather stays like this I’m not sure what to do.  The kids need to play even if I’m not up to it mentally.

I didn’t do anything once I was able to get my unemployment taken care of.  Chris was up not long after that.  I think I called Mom.  Hang on… Moose was having a nightmare and crying in his sleep.  I had to go and love on him.  Well the laptop has informed me that I an almost out of battery.  Apparently in my excitement for attaining the unemployment access I forgot to plug in the laptop to charge.  And my typing has gotten bad.  I am going back and fixing mistakes as I go way too much.  So I am going to stop back from this for today.  I hope everyone is staying safe.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a great day!

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