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Moving Forward

Since I am waiting for help to file my unemployment I thought I would do this. It may be long, it may be short. Things have been a bit crazy around here the past few days. With all that is going on in the world when the simple things go wrong they seem so much bigger. But there are times when it is just big. Atleast for me. Playing with the kids in the yard yesterday I found some liquified stool with blood in it. The problem comes in finding out which dog it is from. I can’t take them all in. And of course if they have done their business I haven’t been there to check things out. So I still don’t know who is potentially sick.

The upside to yesterday was the washer is not broken. The one thing they do NOT cover in the owners manual… the filter. It was full so the machine would not run correctly. The manual mentions that it should be cleaned every two months. Doesn’t tell you where it is or that it should be checked if your machine has issues running. Thankfully I found it and figured it out. So I can wash clothes here and dry them at the laundry mat.

I have been trying to keep to myself. It is going to be hard to deal with people after this. I have a good excuse to not talk to anyone right now. Just the family. I think I will need to talk to someone today to see if she can get me any further in the unemployment claim process. The system has been inundated with people (no surprise) so the process goes very, very slowly. I still have to go and make my car payment and call another bill in. So I think I will wrap this up for now.

I hope you and yours are well! Stay safe and thanks for reading!❤️

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