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Doubts Sneaking In

Today apparently is the day I will feel overwhelmed with all that is going on.  I stayed up past midnight to try to file my unemployment but it would only show me what I had done before.  I could not find a way to start another claim.  Then Essie and Moose both have upset tummies and I think it is from the new kibble.  Thinking back I seem to remember that was why we changed to something different the last time we had this.  If that is the case I don’t know what we are going to do.  The only place that carries the brand we use is out of it.  I can hear Moose’s tummy gurgling away behind me on the love seat.  He and Stella are curled up in little balls behind me.  Essie has tucked herself in to the far reaches of the man cave and is gurgling away there.

I am going to have to call for help on the unemployment but who knows how long that will take.  The system has been over whelmed with calls since this started.  I have a friend who offered to help.  I will message her after I am done with this and see if she can give some advice before I call.  I did get everything I wanted done yesterday.  I don’t need to hit panic mode with the bills just yet.  For that I am very grateful!

I think it is all hitting now because right now I am usually at the lot, not at home.  The skies are grey and overcast.  Atleast there is no snow.  The power outage killed one of our fans so I have resorted to using the “fan only” on the AC unit.  I remembered to clean out the filter first.  Go me!  I don’t think anything else was damaged when the power went out.  Still no idea what happened.

I still have not touched any writing.  The only thing I’ve done is my journal.  I may try to do something today.  I need to put together my next article for the paper as well.  This week should be the April Fool’s issue so it would be in next week’s paper.  It is small but it is something.  I suppose I should send this off, make another cup of coffee and pick up my pen.  Thanks for reading.  Stay safe and have a great day!

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